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Ice Machine Services

We offer a wide range of Ice Machine services including Maintenance Plans and Scheduled Cleanings and service on ALL brands. We attend all factory classes for updated equipment from Manitowoc, Hoshizaki, and Scottsman. If it stops making ice, we can make it work again.

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Ice Machine Maintenance


Having your ice machine cleaned and serviced regularly will help to preventy costly breakdowns and repairs. When ice machines produce ice, any impurities in the water tend to build up in the machine, this means calcium, lime, mud, whatever is in your locally supplied water. Water filters only slow down the effect of this and in some cases have no effect at all. This build up will cause sensors to malfunction, water valves to sieze open or closed, and improper water distribution over the ice plates. Just about every breakdown we have encountered on an ice machine could have been prevented with either a maintence plan or a regular cleaning. We have no problem sharing SAFE cleaning procedures for ice machines for the do-it-yourselfer but we do recommend you have a professional do it for it to be done thoroughly and properly, even if you watch it being done on your machine the first time. Every machine is different in the number of pieces it has and what does or does not come apart for cleaning. There are also very strict guidelines on the chemicals that can be used, not only because its a food service item but also because of the linings and construction of the machine. Some harsh chemicals can react poorly with nickel, stainless, or the plastics used in the machine. Pitting of the surfaces WILL cause buildup of mold and minerals.

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Ice Machine Service


From under the counter machines to the moster 2400lb daily capacity machines, if its broken we can fix it.


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